Why Homes Matter

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a home. They may think of them as just a property, a building, perhaps an asset that they own. This is understandable in a world that has shifted focus to the things we have rather than those we need, but in my mind, there is a huge difference. Having a place you live in that is worth a good cash asset that you are looking after is different from turning a place from a house into a home.

Finding a home to begin with is a difficult thing. A lot of places have a wonderful atmosphere and air to them, but you can walk inside and not feel a connection. On the other side, you may find a place that has some serious problems, but look at it and fall in love right away despite these flaws. This can then create a nightmare of logistics as you try to make it into something habitable, only to fall out of love with the place and be left with the wreckage.

But when you do have that place all sorted out things start to make sense.

For one, a home is more than a place. It is an area, the surroundings. Being at home means being at peace with the part of the world you’re in, loving your surroundings and having a bright future there. Choosing somewhere to live always has these kinds of factors in mind, even if it isn’t always a conscious thought. Perhaps it is an area you know your children would be happy in. Perhaps your work is nearby, a job that you adore. Or maybe your family is all in that area and you’d like to reconnect to them.

For second, a home is more than just the four walls that make it. It is a reflection of everything that makes you you. Choosing your interior decorations, setting up your furniture, ensuring that everything is as neat and tidy or as lackadaisical as you so desire is a wonderful thing, and having a space to share yourself unashamedly is a freeing thing indeed.

But lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a home matters because it is where you feel safe, and protected, and loved. Making somewhere a home makes that space a haven for you and your loved ones, and you should consider that a blessing.

Homes matter because even when the world is scary and turning stranger all around you, your home will be there to support you.