Who I Am

My name is Lola Parkins, and I’ve just bought my first home in my late twenties. It can be a difficult thing to choose a place to settle, and I took some time to choose this space for me and my own to make sure it is the best place for us all.

I work from home building websites and working on my new home deco business. This is something that started with me decorating my home, and has evolved into a true love that I want to put my business drive behind, as well as share what I have learned from the process with the world.

Why I Write

Finding a good place to settle down can be tricky. But it is worth the effort once you do.

Still, there are mistakes we can make, and only by sharing them and learning from each others.

I want to share my experiences across the board so others can do better, and learn to be creative as I have without the stress along the way.

Hence, this is My Creative Home, and I have opened the doors to you all.

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