The Story of Me and My Blog

Josie Mulford

Hello! Welcome to My Creative Home! I’m Josie Mulford, a professional interior designer who, more recently, has taken to completely renovating houses to create rental properties and other properties around the West Midlands, UK. My passion has been to create beautiful, practical homes that are stylish, whilst being able to take the chaos of kids, pets, and busy lifestyles.

So, I thought I would put my new superpowers to good use and write about my interior design must-haves, and how you can create fantastic home improvements on a budget. If you’ve got a house in good condition as it is (lucky you!), then you’ll be wanting to keep it that way. So look at my Keeping It Clean page to find great storage solutions, how to get rid of pests and mold with ease, and other great tips that I’ve used on my renovation journey.