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Designing a Feature Wall

No matter what style of bedroom you live in, you will be able to create a feature wall any time you have the budget. Feature walls are storms of colour and style, so nobody can go wrong if they chose to incorporate one in their room.

There are many things that people can add to a feature wall which means the hardest part is really decided by the individual. Ultimately, people should create a feature to set the tone and ambiance of their room if they want it to be more inviting.

For most people, they opt to use something that will automatically create a link with the eye immediately. For instance, using wallpaper with a plain colour frame around a striking coloured painting can add loads of vibrancy to the room. Another way to do this is to go for wallpaper with a border. The beautiful thing about wallpaper is that it can give the impression of the room having been dusted or swept with a brush for each colour used in the pattern to create a contrast of colour.

But where people can get the most impact from their feature walls? For instance, in living rooms, people don’t always think of their walls, but you can do just that, cover them in vibrant curtains and add a vibrant coloured feature wall behind them. The other important factor for this may be moving to a smaller space. If you add a bold flower spot on the center of your feature wall, then you’ll immediately give your living room a sense of excessive space, which can be a great asset if you live in a flat or limited space.

If you have large rooms, then you can feature both the floor and the ceiling. Instead of painting the whole ceiling white, add a stunning white flower spot. The same goes for the floor, such as choosing a 1920X1080 tile to be fitted at the centre of a painted feature wall, this will create a sense of luxury for your room as well as making a stunning feature wall.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pay attention to the finish. In rooms such as your living room and kitchen, where you have more solid and darker colours such as a deep red which will look very striking, dark wooden floors can create a fabulous contrast. Instead of replacing your floor tiles, you could add borders or stencils to a white carpet to create the illusion of a different style.

The finish is completely down to your own personal tastes, but it is important to consider the color scheme and theme of the room as a whole. Designers are known as interior designers because they can decorate the living room while taking into consideration the other elements of the room such as the colour of the feature wall behind them.

Designing the room to appeal to everyday lives and not just be something appealing for guests can be difficult, but if you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be able to design a feature wall in a matter of minutes. Whether the color is bold and vibrant or pale and subtle, it is all about personal taste and preference.

If you have any questions or advice to help you with your own feature wall design project, then talk to a local designer who has experience in dealing with projects similar to yours, such as a photomanential designer at Zoffany Design Group.

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