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Difference Styles of Bath Tubs to Choose From

There are many shapes and styles of bathtubs to choose from. Whether you want the traditional round tubs that are covered with a classic white or those in the Western countries that are made from the most durable materials, you can have your pick. However, people who want to make their bathroom more modern may choose to go for small square or rectangular bathtubs. As far as size is concerned, the best one that fits your bathroom is the one that you would like the most.

Largely, there are two types of bathtubs on the market today – the traditional tub and the whirlpool tub. They are very similar in appearance and fixtures; however, there are a couple of differences between them that you should be aware of. The traditional tub is the more common style used in almost every bath for soaking and bathing, whereas the whirlpool bathtub is a popular style found in many hotels and resorts. Although, there are many more types to choose from.

8 Different Bathtubs: How to Choose the Right One?

You probably have a high standard set for the bathtub in your bathroom. There are different sorts of tubs to choose from, from traditional claw-foot to the more popular designer tubs with a distinct look. Today, we will discuss the seven most common types of tubs, and we will review the good and bad features of each one.

  1. Alcove tubs are enclosed by walls on 3 sides. An integral tub apron covers the front side. They come with left-handed and right-handed drains and should be carefully chosen based on one’s bathroom configuration.
  2. Corner bathtubs are a way to add a unique look to your bathroom. They are very popular because they can be placed anywhere on the wall, and they can make a bathroom look very creative. However, corner bathtubs are an often-overlooked option for bathroom design. These bathtubs are usually found on a small bathroom wall, and they can give a small room a major boost. While they can often be purchased from a store, many people who want to place a beautiful bathtub in their small bathroom choose to custom design their own.
  3. Clawfoot and freestanding bathtubs are two different types of bathtubs that look very different from one another. A freestanding bathtub is placed on a floor and does not require a built-in platform. The advantage of the freestanding bathtub is that it saves much room in the bathroom. Some freestanding bathtubs may come with other extras such as a shower or a Jacuzzi.
  4. Drop-In bathtubs are a recent innovation. This new style features a removable seat with a built-in faucet and drain. However, this kind of bathtub is not all the time in use. It can be removed easily when not needed. For this reason, it is not just a decorative item in your bathroom. But it will be a great help to you when you need to do your daily activities in the bathroom.
  5. Undermount tubs have a flat or a foot basin resting on the bathroom floor. They’re fitted with a deck and surround.
  6. The Japanese bathtub is a traditional Japanese bathtub, and it has a unique design as compared to other kinds of bathtubs. It has a lot of advantages, and it is one of the most important equipments for the Japanese bath.
  7. The walk-in bathtub is a single bathtub installed in the bathroom, and it can be used as a place to sit or lie down, unlike the standard bathtubs situated in the bathtub space. Its popularity has soared in recent years, and the reason behind it is simple: the bathtub offers flexibility and luxury while saving space in the bathroom. This type of bathtub has specifically proven helpful for individuals with disability problems. If you take the example of this walk in baths UK company, you can notice how they manufacture bathtubs keeping such a target population in mind.
  8. A jetted bathtub is a bathtub that has a mechanism for adding hot or cold water – either via a machine or manually with a pump. The difference between them is their overall design and style. Some have built-in hot and cold-water taps, and you can adjust the flow of the water, while others have a plain white or black look with no frills.

You can find tons of choices when it comes to bathtubs, and you can select from different styles to match your personality or the looks of your bathroom. You can get a classic look with an oval-shaped tub or go for a contemporary look with a glass tub.

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